Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Review (2015)

Normally for horror movies when they have continuations, the continuations normally feel boring or so dull that they make you feel like you want to die. But not these continuations; ever since the first film of Insidious came out we have been asking questions and wondering about many things such as did Elise (Lin Shaye) know the demon that was trying to keep Dalton Lambert all to himself? Did Elise ever have any problems of her own? Would we ever see anymore of the demon? Well my friends and readers I’m here to say that those questions are all answered through this movie review well I gotta keep somethings secretive so you can watch the movie, but the film I’m reviewing today is Insidious Chapter 3!!!

In the film we are introduced to a young girl by the name of Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) who has worked hard in tracking down a psychic her friend’s mother told her about that goes by the name of Elise. Already things are looking interesting, Quinn meets Elise but sadly Elise says she no longer does the readings (she explains why later in the movie) but she does make an exception when she realizes Quinn traveled on foot a very long way from home to make contact with Elise; so Elise tells Quinn even though she doesn’t do the readings anymore she will make an exception to try to put some closure to Quinn. Sadly during the reading its not Quinn’s mother who is on the other line, but something darker, and scarier. So with Quinn unsatisfied and embarrassed she goes back home to get herself ready for her audition with a theater college whose recruiting young stars. Quinn goes to the audition and disregards what Elise told her to not contact the other side; Quinn does exactly that and tries to find out if her mother is there with her watching her during her audition. But something else answers, on the top of the back stage there’s the black figure doing a friendly wave to Quinn, but Quinn thinks its someone playing a trick on her so disregarding what she saw she does the audition. After the audition which she failed, Quinn talks to her best friend Maggie (Hayley Kiyoko) who tells Quinn to just try again at another college until she reaches her dream. But while Quinn and Maggie are walking home Quinn sees the same black figure doing the same friendly wave, Quinn hypnotized by the figure gets hit by a car and flatlines at the hospital only to come back to life from a near-death experience but something ‘insidious’ (pun intended) comes back with her. It then becomes a battle for her soul against the entity that is known as The Man Who Can’t Breathe (Micheal Reid MacKay) who later becomes an entity that is known in the other films. Will This entity win Quinn’s soul? Or Will Elise find a way to defeat it and free Quinn’s soul? Find out by watching the film!

Honestly I gotta say, I really enjoyed this 3rd part of the Insidious movies, it has been really interesting to see this as both a prequel and an origin story of a certain demon that plagued the first movies family in the first movie. For this film to be treated as like the demon’s origin story of how he came to be like with the red face and the other features its really interesting, because to see the entity or demon to at first portray as a man who can’t breathe entity and then reveal itself at the final end of the film as that red faced demon which scared the shit out of me when I saw the first movie. I would have to give this film a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for having such a fantastic story, I mean with me story is the key to having a wonderful movie. If you don’t have a great story, then you wont have a great movie but for this one the story was fantastic!

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