Sinister 2 Movie Review (2015)

In all horror movies there has to be a point when there is tension or suspense that leads eventually to a killing or to some kind of climatic murder. In the rules of the first Sinister movie there really wasn’t that rule it made its own rules to create a disturbing film. Well I’m not here to talk about part 1, that first one was just plain disturbing; I’m here to talk about its sequel todays movie review is Sinister 2!

In the film it starts out 3 years after the events of the first film where we are reintroduced to Deputy So & So (James Ransone) who for 3 years have been investigating and trying to stop the infamous killer of families and kidnapper of children Bughuul (Nicholas King). In this story however unlike the last one we are taken to two view points in the film, we are taken into the kids view point to see what all goes on when they are under the influence of Bughuul and then we are taken to the parents and deputy so & so’s point of view. In the film we meet two young and very different boys who are brothers, Zach Collins (Dartanian Sloan) & Dylan Collins (Robert Sloan) who are on the run with their mother Courtney Collins (Shannyn Sossamon) they are currently buying groceries at a nearby store but are interrupted by a mysterious man who seems to be watching the boys only to find out its a private investigator hired by Courtney’s evil husband. The Collin’s then run to their car and drive off to some house they are currently living in thanks to a family friend. When Deputy So & So finds out about their being one more house that he hasn’t tourched yet of the pattern that Bughuul uses only to find out that the Collin’s are living in, so instead of tourching the place down he chooses to inform the family he wishes to investigate it. The family allows him to investigate, only to find out that the location has all the signs of Bughuul’s presence marking the location and Bughuul was going to do everything in his power to make a new chain of murder houses. Will Deputy So & So succeed in destroying Bughuul’s patterns? Or Will Deputy So & So become a victim to one of Bughuul’s murdering children? Find out by watching the film!

Honestly I was really impressed with this film. I remember reading so many reviews saying how bad the sequel was because they didn’t understand the point of views that they were revealing throughout the film, but to be honest I loved the new point of view. Because it didn’t just give you one view point like how it did with the first film which left a lot of questions in how they chose the kids to go with Bughuul and which one stayed and died but with this new view point by doing both the grown ups and the kids point of views it gives you much more insight to why Bughuul always preyed upon the kids other than being known as the Boogeyman to all the kids. But the film does leave it open  for a 3rd film, wither we get it or not I guess will be a decision for the studios and production companies to decide. I would have to give this film a 4 out of 5 stars the story was really, really interesting this time around and I was really impressed with the direction they took with it.

Sinister 2 is now out on Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack, and Digital HD Download