The Bachelor (S20E10): “Week 9: Jamaica”

Jamaica, what a romantic place to fall in love and have three overnight dates. That’s exactly what Ben was thinking this week, Week 9, of the Bachelor. And it’s a crazy week. Not only are the girls in love, but so is Ben! We’ll get to that in a minute, first let’s take a look at how all the dates went. 
Ben recognizes he has the deepest relationship with Caila at the beginning of this week’s episode; however, as the night unfolds, this quickly becomes questioned. Caila takes the leap of faith, as do the two other contestants, to express her love for Ben, and keeping in Bachelor style, he kisses her affectionately but is unable to address his feelings. He does say, “Everything feels right.” The couple wakes up from their evening in the Fantasy Suite feeling as confident as ever with their relationship. 
Ben spends his next date with Lauren, who he has gushed about throughout the whole season. They help rescue some baby sea turtles  and discuss how they booth feel the other is “too good for me.” In the evening, during dinner, Lauren tells viewers when she thinks of this week her “mind goes to weird places,” which comes at no surprise considering her boyfriend is spending an overnight date with two other women in equally serious relationships. What happens next shocks everyone. After Lauren says she is in love, Ben does too! Never in Bachelor history have I seen this happen before…But it gets worse, or better?
After their overnight, Ben spends his day with JoJo recovering a relationship that had the potential of falling apart after the terrible hometown date last week. Ben tells JoJo he loves her, and her expression matches the surprise on viewers faces. But Ben continues to express these emotions throughout the date as they feed each other fruit and gush at the cuteness of each other as they lie in bed with messy hair. 
While I am delighted to know Ben has significant feelings at this point in his Bachelor journey, it’s frustrating to know that one of these women will curse his loving words for the rest of their life. He is setting up for a heartbreak, and that is hard to watch. 
Expectedly, Caila was sent home at the end of this week before the Rose Ceremony. When she goes to Ben’s place to surprise him, she finds a distracted man who knows he must do the respectful thing rather than wait. He trys to let her down easy saying things like “you are my perfect wife” and “I really will miss you.” Caila brushes the comments off arguing, “that sounds like a line.” The couple manages to have a fairly calm breakup. Caila even takes the time to get questions answered and gets out of the limo originally. They end things on as high a note as a break up can be, respecting each other. 
Now, we will all have to wait a grueling two weeks until all the secrets are revealed and we get at the glimpse of the girl Ben is truly in love with. Don’t worry, the drama will continue as all the ex-bachelor contestants gather in one room for The Bachelor: Women Tell All next Sunday. 
Oh, and if you look closely at the featured photo, you’ll notice this season’s first sighting of Ben’s tattoo!