The Magicians: (S01E07) “The Mayakovsky Circumstances”

Flying off as birds, they now show up at a place like a training camp as human beings of course.

Having a lot of funny one liners and nail jokes (if you know what I mean 😂) this episode required little to no effort in creating the perfect balance of funny and not forced comedy. 

With that being said, we saw a lot of closing deals happening with Penny now back, Quentin got his girl in human and wolf form, but what is actually the interesting part is how the Elliot’s boyfriend has blue eyes. 

Meanwhile back to Julia, her sister came to her offering her to comply or face the wrath of her mom.

This episode didn’t exactly give a major plot but rather showed more about the characters and sealed the deal between characters and of course adding a few more twists like the blue eyed person. 

Great episode.