Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E19): “Cheddar”

Review: Cheddar goes missing! When Jake, Amy and a blind Charles (fresh from getting his eyes lasered) decide to help out Captain Holt by house-sitting for him as he flies to Paris to visit Kevin, Holt’s dog goes missing. But not before Charles literally sets his pants on fire! For Holt, this mess is the perfect excuse not to fly to Paris and he cancels his flight just before he’s about to board the plane. With Holt on his way back to the house, the gang races against the clock to find Cheddar before Holt gets back.

With some stalling tactics by Gina, which to her means completely wrecking Jake’s car, it sort of works. For a hot minute. When Holt returns, he catches everyone wearing his clothes in an attempt to lure Cheddar back with Holt’s scent. But Cheddar is immune to this. Jake, however, eventually figures out where Cheddar must have went, namely a spot in the park he always goes to with Kevin. Because, as it turns out, Cheddar was just missing Kevin. Kind of like Captain Holt, who end up admitting that they’ve been having a really hard time lately and that visiting Kevin might make things worse. I hope this is not leading to a Holt/Kevin break-up! Because, as Jake assures Holt, they’re the strongest couple we know. 

Meanwhile, as we found out last week, Rosa has a thing for creeps, and especially the precinct’s latest one, Adrian Pimento. Pimento and Rosa explore their weirdly fascinating sexual tension with hole punching and form signing, turning each other on with every encounter.That is, until Rosa actually confronts him about it and Pimento can’t get away fast enough. Yes, he actually runs away from the conversation. After 12 years undercover, anything that goes beyond mere flirting is just too much for him right now. 

Terry (and everyone else) is extremely weirded out by Rosa and Pimento’s weird thing. But he ends up giving Pimento the advice (sort of, Pimento doesn’t even really hear him out) he needs to ask Rosa… if she’ll marry him! Rosa, wisely, says no. What happened to good ol’ fashioned drinks, after all? Pimento agrees, and they make out against a car. In front of Terry.