New Girl (S05E09): “Heat Wave”

Review: This week’s episode is sizzling hot! Literally. There’s a heat wave. People are passing out and succumbing to it. Nick has thought of a great way to stay cool: his own personal tips and tricks involving a wet chair, frozen underwear, a dozen fans and wet underwear on his face. The rest of the gang, including Reagan, is not impressed! What is impressive, though, is the air conditioning unit that Reagan has just bought for her (Jess’s) room, where they can all hang out. Everyone except for stubborn Nick, that is. 

Schmidt, Cece, Winston and Reagan all hang out in her room, but Reagan just can’t let this go. Determined to make Nick see the error of his ways – and admit that the only reason he’s acting like a baby about it is because his crush on her made him want to impress her – she does everything she can to get Nick to admit she’s right. Nick vehemently denies it and turns it around on her, accusing her of having a crush on him. Why else would she keep checking on him and think about him all the time? 

Nick and Reagan’s argument heats up until they somehow manage to kill the electricity in the entire loft… Down in the basement, they argue some more and then some, and they both have a different idea of how to fix the wires. Nick ends up risking his life (though a shock to his system might do him some good, if I’m perfectly honest), but Reagan’s plan works. They have a moment, a sweet, good moment where it looks like they’re about to kiss and then… Rats. An actual rat attacks Nick and in his panicked state, Nick kills the electricity once and for all, in the entire neighborhood! When Nick regains consciousness (for the second time), Reagan and Nick have a heart-to-heart during which Nick finally admits to having a crush on her. But just as he’s assuring her that he knows she won’t go for a messy guy like him, Reagan (of course) kisses him! Awwwww. 

While all this is going on, Schmidt is giving Cece some tough love. When he finds out Cece wants to back out of the newscaster’s audition for her dream job, Schmidt tries to hug and kiss her into it so she’ll go anyway. This. Doesn’t. Work. At. All. Winston convinces Schmidt to find his own “cop voice” (like Winston’s, as evidenced by the hilarious segment of him trying out different authoritative voices) to force Cece to go to the audition and pursue her dreams. 

Winston’s cop voice gets Cece to admit that she’s just really scared of not being good enough for her dream job. Later, Schmidt’s cop voice gets her to leave. Haah. Schmidt yells at her to go to the audition, because she’s brilliant and beautiful and he knows she can totally do it! I wish I had my own Schmidt-like life coach! Shocked, Cece leaves the loft and Schmidt knows he’s pushed her too far. 

Hours later, when everyone’s outside amidst the chaos caused by Reagan and Nick’s basement adventure, Cece returns… from the audition. Which she flunked. But NOT because she wasn’t talented enough. Just wasted, because Schmidt pissed her off so much that a trip the bar was needed first. But Cece admits that she needed a little push, and they live to see another week of being #relationshipgoals! 

In the end, there’s an ice cream truck and a montage of drunk Cece auditioning!