Teen Wolf : S05E19 “The Beast of Beacon Hills”

I had a tiny bit of hope last week that maybe Scott & the others were wrong & it wasn’t Mason… but unfortunately it wasn’t a hoax as I would have wished. It’s all too real. The writers made us love him & they took him away just like that. In this episode there were a few shockers. Our favourite Hell hound is back, the desert wolf gets her behind kicked, even if it was for a few seconds, the Dread Doctors get the bashing they so deserved & the original beast returns. Yes, you read that right…. Masons gone!!!

The episode starts off with everyone taking turns to search for Mason and to save him. In the mean time Mason & Corey are hiding in the tunnels from the pack but are suddenly ambushed by the Dredd doctors who managed to track mason down through his frequency. They drag Mason off to their operating theatre & leave Cory behind. The Dread doctors manage to hook Mason up to some horrid contraption which is connected to his skull.

Also hanging out underground is Theo and his two remaining pack members: Josh and Tracy. Theo is trying to convince Josh that he can put on the Dread Doctor mask because the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism & they can find out the identity of the beast. This is where we learn that the Dread Doctors were created by The Surgeon, some creepy guy who used pseudo-science and harnessed electromagnetic fields to create the masks, infusing them with a unique and deadly power.

In the meantime Scott & Liam realise they need Theo’s help in finding the Dread doctors Lair. Once they find Mason the Dread doctors decide to pay a visit. This is the first time they manage to speak clearly & not give me a headache trying to understand what the hell keeps coming out of their mouths. They realise that their ideal experiment is the Beast who has kept them alive for centuries & manage to piss Theo off in the process.

“Your failure taught us one thing: the banality of evil. That you were, and would always be, an ordinary evil. … We believed that to resurrect the perfect killer, we had to start with the perfect evil. From you, we learned true evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.”

At this point Theo & Liam start to beat up the Dread doctors, but in the process Mason pulls the device from his own skull as he becomes The Beast & when Liam calls out “Mason,” The Beast responds, “That’s not my name.”

The silver lining to the transformation is that the Beast goes after the Doctors, seemingly tearing them apart. He then runs outside, where Parrish and Argent are waiting with all of their fire power. But when The Beast transitions back to its human form, we’re no longer looking at Mason. We’re looking at Sebastien Valet…. the original Beast.

I can only imagine what the finale is going to be like but I really hope there’s an Alpha match to watch because I really want to watch Scott & his pack kick some ass!!