Chicago PD (S3E17): “Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb”

Finally, an episode centered around Jay Halstead. Unfortunately, on Chicago P.D. that means heartbreak and drama. This week’s episode begins with a bang – literally, a flaming car is thrown off a bridge. Halstead, Terry, and their driver get out of the car to find a group of masked men firing guns. Terry gets shot below the neck and while Halstead is helping him, the gang gets away with the cash. The Intelligence team must go through loops to track down viable suspects, even discovering the owner of the dispensary’s office was bugged by her soon to be ex-husband’s employee.
Another interesting plot line in this episode was the jealously of Ruzek about Burgess’s relationship with her partner, Roman. Ever since I began watching this series, I have felt that Roman and Burgess were meant to be together. It appears Roman is beginning to get these feelings for Kim and Ruzek is not happy. I want to know who you think Burgess should be with, her ex-fiance Ruzek or her partner in crime (literally) Roman? Let me know in the comments below!
The second love triangle in Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb involves our beloved Linstead. Throughout the episode it is obvious Halstead’s boss at his security job has a thing for him – she asks him out to dinner and her ex-husband mentions she was always talking about wanting “to screw a Jay Halstead.” Erin is in the room when this is said and while she never mentions it to Halstead, we can tell it bugs her. What I found really sweet was watching Hank’s fatherly protective instincts come out, wanting to make sure Jay wasn’t cheating on Erin, and that was precious. 
Jay’s character is developed a lot in this episode, as is any character when they go through a traumatic experience. Throughout Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb, all Halstead wants to do is get revenge and justice for his friend’s murder, and he gets his chance as he runs into a dark building alone with a suspect. I was completely shocked when I saw him jab a medal pole into the suspects leg and step on his neck. I was convinced Jay would have killed him had another officer not caught up with him. This shows two sides of Jay — his strength and heart. We’ve seen Jay be romantic and protective over Erin, but seeing how impacted he becomes after Terry’s death is key to understanding him as a character. Watching such a strong man be so affected by a friend’s life is powerful and makes me love Jay even more. This has much to do with Jesse Lee Soffer. He brings a range of emotion to his character that makes it a delightful experience to watch. And, behind the scenes, Jesse seems to be having the time of his life on the set of Chicago P.D. Check out his social media accounts for behind the scenes time lapses and photos!