The Vampire Diaries: (S07E15) “I would for you”

The title itself shows that this episode would go after a lot of emotional moments and it did.

Honestly it was a rather interesting episode especially since we were left with last week’s crossover were we saw Stefen get a potion from Freya that would block Huntress from finding him.

This time it started with Damon trying to solve the problem by himself. Having seen that all he does is bring problems and troubles going solo was all he wanted to do and he did.

Capturing Rena (Huntress) by the help of Matt who is later convinced by his girl to get rid of vampires and he does that by threatening Stefen with exposure. 

Damon takes Rena and dumps her in a well with no water so she can’t escape and well Bonnie visits Enzo and finds out that Rena has a limited life. Telling Damon that leads to him killing Rena but then Bonnie finds out the last kill means all marks die. 

Digging her up from his masterpiece of final death he brings he back by feeding her vampire blood and she was back in her feet to be captured by Enzo’s sister’s men. 

We then see Stefan having this conversation with Bonnie and he visits her to see her happy. And that is how they end up not being together.

Damon too having his own plans decides to go beside Elena and just lie there and dry out of blood till Elena wakes up (60 years) and that leaves Stefen in pain. 

We are fast forwarded 3 years were we see the same scenes but this time Rena offers Stefen a deal to transfer his mark. And it was Damon’s idea.

I actually find the whole future play a good trick as the show needs some momentum as they have been really bad and crappy for some time. But what actually is going to kill the show is how they end because Rena will be ended one way or another and they should be able to perfectly execute it. 

And I am more excited with Caroline visiting New Orleans.