HTGAWM (S02E13): “Something Bad Happened”

Review: This week’s episode title pretty much covers it. And every other episode. Something bad happened, but when does it not? Last week, we discovered that Wes(tophe) possibly killed his mom for not letting him watch tv, Wes and Laurel made out and everyone found out that Philip is recording their every move. 

The Keating Five: When Phillip sends them more creepy footage, this time of Michaela leaving the Hapstall mansion, the students (minus Wes!) realize that they’re not safe anymore. Annalise takes Connor’s laptop to ADA Todd Denver in exchange for immunity for her and her students. The ADA tries for a search warrant behind Annalise’s back, but she tricks him with the help of Bonnie, Frank and the students and the search warrant ends up being invalid. The ADA agrees to Annalise’s terms, but warns her that any footage not from the night Annalise was shot won’t be covered by the same immunity.

The students decide to have a sleepover at Asher’s apartment. There, everyone finds out that Connor wants to transfer to Stanford. Later, when everyone’s asleep, I find out that Connor/Michaela is probably my second favorite friendship on the show when Michaela pleads with Connor to stay so she won’t be alone. 

Wes/Annalise/Laurel/Frank: When Frank tries to apologize – in the creepy basement – , Laurel says she doesn’t believe him. Can’t blame her! Later, Frank tells Laurel he loves her and she breaks up with him, because she doesn’t want to be loved by someone like him. For some reason, Bonnie is recording this! Hmmm…

Throughout the episode, Laurel continues to play mediator between Annalise and Wes, trying to find out the truth about Wes’s mom. Annalise tells her that she’ll give Wes the answers he needs IF he mans up and asks her himself. Which Laurel tells Wes. Who then throws her out of his apartment. My shipper heart! But when Wes goes to Annalise’s house, he finds it empty – she’s busy canoodling with Nate and his pecs – but, somehow, finds the piece of paper that Laurel stole, indicating that Wes may have killed his mom. 

Wes goes back to his new doctor/friend/therapist to talk about his mom’s suicide/possible murder. She tries to convince him that she most probably killed herself and that it’s unlikely that he did it. But Wes tells her that it is indeed possible. Wes goes home to get rid of the file and just when he’s done, when he’s putting all the papers pertaining to the case in a box so he can throw it out, he finds a piece of paper with Eve’s signature! 

The flashbacks: This week, Eve’s back! In order to get Rose to testify in the Charles Mahoney trial, Annalise pulls some strings and she’s brought to the I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office). Here, Eve shows up as the I.C.E.’s lawyer. She pressures Rose into testifying so she won’t be deported. Eventually, Rose agrees to testify the following day, but she asks if she can at least go home for the night.

Meanwhile,  Eve finds out that Annalise is very very pregnant and they argue because Annalise never told her and it blows up and becomes a fight about their entire relationship! But, later, Annalise and Eve make up and Eve assures her that she’ll make a great mother. And if not, she can always give the baby away. I’m starting to think Annalise had the baby, gave it away and then lied to Sam about it… 

After getting back from the I.C.E., Rose is determined to leave and she packs up their stuff. Wes doesn’t want to leave but she forces him to get in the car. It doesn’t take long for Wes to get out and run away. At this exact time, Annalise has a meeting with Charles Mahoney’s dad, who threatens Wes. Then, Annalise goes to Rose’s apartment to try to convince her again, just as Rose has returned home in hopes of Wes being there. When Rose finds out that mr. Mahoney threatened Wes, she panicks, implying that mr. Mahoney is capable of doing terrible things. Before Annalise can get her to calm down, Rose grabs a kitchen knife and stabs herself in the neck. Annalise ends up not calling 911 but running away and hiding when she hears Wes down the hall. Knowing what Wes is about to stumble upon, Annalise keeps hiding around the corner until Wes is inside. She flees as we hear Wes’s cries at the discovery of his mother. Wes ends up being the one to take out the knife and call 911.

The end: Annalise knocks on Wes’s door, presumably to answer his questions. When Wes doesn’t open the door, she shoves a note through the door, which Wes seems to grab. When Annalise opens the door, Wes is nowhere to be found. Annalise walks through Wes’s apartment but then gets a call from Eve, who tells her that Wes is with her! Annalise manages to tell Eve to call 911, because right then, she finds out who’s really in Wes’s apartment: creepy Phillip attacks Annalise! See you next week!