Shades of Blue: (S01E09) ‘Live Wire Act’

Another slow yet meaningful episode of Shades of Blue. This show has established itself as a drama show but doesn’t dwell too much in the action part of a crime show. I like that about the show because it’s realistic. These type of things take time and the FBI need to build a solid case.

With the supposed Mole now dead, the team go on as usual. However, Saps death still haunts the crew and we again get to learn about how good of a man Sap really was. I liked that they didn’t get over his death immediately like he was an after thought. The team is in mourning and struggling with their ideas of Sap. I even liked that Wozniak was sleeping on his grave because even though we would love to hate him, I still believe that killing Sap was really hard for him.

This episode finally made some progress when it comes to the FBI investigation. Harlee is finally on board and she’s doing a really great job at being on the right place and knowing exactly what to say. Secrets were also revealed this time around and Miguel was let out of jail as the cliff-hanger. I liked this plot twist because we get to see how everyone involved with framing him reacts. I can’t wait to see if Christina learns the truth about her father.

Slow episode but really informative for the show. Can’t wait for next week!