The 100: (S03E07) ‘Thirteen’

This episode was a game changer for the show. We get to learn so much about the Lady in Red, how the Grounders truly started and see how much everything in the show is connected. As the season progresses we get to learn more about the Earth and the community they established living in a broken planet.

For some reason, I knew the ending was coming. Lexa risked too much by changing so much of her people’s traditions and part of me wanted her to get revenge. This might sound weird because we’re technically on the Skykru’s side but the Grounders have grown on me. When we met them they were depicted as savages but with Lincoln playing such an important part and the Grounders traditions being revealed, we understand why they behave in a certain manner.

Even though I saw the ending coming, I did not expect it to happen in the seventh episode. I was shocked and constantly kept wondering what can the writers do next? I look forward to learning about the reasons behind Lexa’s death. Titus (whose played by a South African actor) made a promise he won’t harm Clarke so who is going to be blamed for Lexa’s death? Titus wants blood so he could say its the Skykru but I’m still not sure if he is remorseful enough to not harm Clarke.

I have no idea what to expect next week because everything has changed.  Fantastic episode!