The Goldbergs (S03E17) “The Dirty Dancing Dance”

Review: The Goldbergs’ special movie tribute episodes are probably the best episodes of the show. Needless to say, I was very excited to see this year’s homage to Dirty Dancing. I rewatched the movie before the episode and it got me even more excited. The episode was widely promoted and all I was hoping for was that it lived up to the hype. The short answer to that is: yes, it certainly did.

Beverly, a big fan of Dirty Dancing (she even bought it on VHS for only $89.99) is supporting Erica, who wants a Dirty Dancing themed school dance. Geoff sees this as an opportunity to become Erica’s Patrick Swayze, but not everybody likes the idea: Barry rather wants the theme to be Footloose and Principal Ball opposes to the theme because it is “wildly inappropriate”. To get him to change his mind, Erica channels her inner Beverly and goes to the school to talk to him. The principal is not impressed, until he sees Beverly outside the door, making it very clear with her eyes that he has to listen to her daughter. But later, when Bev sees what kind of dirty dance the JTP has in mind, she gets worried. She goes to Principal Ball to change back his mind, and he decides that the dance will now be the Soda Pop Hop. Erica feels betrayed when she finds out that her mother changed the principal’s mind. Luckily, Barry has the perfect solution to make her feel better: the angry dance, like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Barry shows Erica how to do this dance, and this leads to one of the funniest Barry scenes ever.

Meanwhile, Murray is trying to learn how to dance, so that he can dance with Beverly. Adam tries to help him, but this doesn’t work out because Murray is not able to do the iconic Dirty Dancing lift. That’s where Pops steps in and tells him that he shouldn’t care about what others think. Murray practices some dances, and videotapes himself doing it. When he shows the video to Pops, he is horrified and asks Murray never to dance again.

On the night of the dance, Erica, Lainey and the JTP still plan to ‘dirty’ up the dance. Erica and Geoff start the dance with the Grey/Swayze lift, but it doesn’t go as smooth as planned. Later however they get a do-over and it’s great, just like the rest of their dance. Geoff and Erica get closer, but Geoff ruins his chances on the evening by talking too much. Barry dances as well, and even Beverly gets to dance with Murray like she wanted. This scene was perfect!

This was a fantastic episode! All the dance scenes were great. Murray dancing like nobody’s watching was hilarious and also Barry’s angry dance made me laugh out loud. The last scenes of the school dance were really nice! The episode gave me a very satisfied feeling, it was even better than I hoped it would be. They used some great lines from the movie, and used the perfect amount of references. I loved the real video in the end of the real Bev and Murray dancing. Also, I need more scenes of Barry and the confetti canon.

Rating: 9.5/10

Last week, the show got picked up for a fourth season by ABC!! 😀