The Originals: (S03E15) “An Old Friend Calls”

It started off with Klaus being the usual paranoid but what actually I thought was that they would the boring Vampire Diaries style by introducing the enemies like the Heretics style. 

But it didn’t, what actually started as the one friend coming to town resulted in many interesting plot development.

Take for example we learnt that there is still a reserve of white oak left. 

Devina bringing back Kol just makes the family have a reunion with a warm reception mainly due to the problems they face the more allies the merrier. But what ultimately was the shocking thing was how the bloodlust came to Kol and we saw Finn emerge the enemy of the family.

Speaking of ships, we are now at the point where we saw false breakups in the sense that Cami fooled Klaus & Hailey fooled Elijah to make it easier to say goodbye and move on. 

What holds next for the show? 

That can be answered easily, we will see a Finn trying to kill his siblings and now that the remaining White Oak is found he will most likely make an alliance with the witch coven. 

Kol will end up having problems with Devina because of his bloodlust but there is no place like him right? He will go back to his family. 

What I am more curious about is how they will now make the two brothers have their own story as they are no longer going to be in the same place