Grey’s Anatomy (S12E12): “My Next Life”

Review: Last week we saw how Jackson and April finally made the divorce official. This doesn’t mean we are free of Japril-drama, because there is a baby in play. April is planning on telling Jackson about the baby, if he doesn’t figure it out by himself before. Alex already has. But enough about them. This episode it’s time to focus on the patients again.

Katie Bryce, Meredith’s first patient and surgery as an intern is re-admitted to the hospital with an (new) aneurysm. Derek was the one that operated on her years ago (with Meredith in S01E01) and so Katie asks for dr. Shepard again. She doesn’t know guy dr. Shepard isn’t anymore and she gets girl dr. Shepard instead. Of course Meredith wants in on the case, but first she has to discharge her own patient, Daphne, a now cancer free patient she has been treating for a while. Unfortunately this doesn’t go as planned as Daphne begans to bleed from the chest.

So Meredith can’t and doesn’t want to leave Daphne’s side especially since she had to page Riggs for a consult. They have to work together now, but Meredith isn’t too friendly to Riggs (she’s pissed Riggs refers to the morgue as ‘the plummer’). Meredith sends Penny to Amelia to keep her updated on what is happening with Katie. Amelia and Meredith argue with Penny (of all people) in the middle and being their spokesperson. Amelia also deals with her insecurities of being a good enough doctor in comparison to her big brother (again), but takes Owens advice, who tells her to stop worrying about what other people (mainly Meredith) think of her. Amelia, Meredith and Riggs take their patient’s into surgery at the same time. Amelia succeeds. Meredith and Riggs don’t.                                    

After Meredith loses her patient she goes to talk to Riggs. We do finally find out what happened to Owen’s sister, Meg, and what Riggs had to do with her death. As it turns out Meg was a doctor too and she and Riggs were in a field unit together. One day one of the patients needed to be transported by helicopter through unprotected airspace. There was only room on board for one doctor. Since it was Meg’s patient that needed transport she wanted to go and after fighting her on this, Riggs eventually let her. The helicopter disappeared without a trace and no one knows what happened to her. I don’t know if this totally explains why Owen hates (and still hates. When exactly did this happen?) Riggs so much. Perhaps there is still more to the story? Who knows.

Meanwhile dr. Webber is taking his ‘job’ as Arizona’s wingman quite serious, but he is also focusing on DeLuca. Last week we saw how Dr. Webber was being very supportive of Deluca and his ‘Wildcat”-doctor up to the moment he figured out that DeLuca was talking about Maggie. And Deluca has no idea dr. Webber is Maggie’s (biological) father. Isn’t that public knowledge or is DeLuca just not paying attention to any of the hospital gossip? Anyway, dr. Webber has now hand-picked Deluca as his special intern to keep Deluca as busy as possible making him do all kinds of stuff (think Mark Sloan style) and keep him as far away from Maggie as he can. And it seems to be working.

Then there is Jo and Alex. Or just Jo? Jo is worried about the engagement ring that Alex is still keeping for her in the drawer next to the bed ever since Alex proposed to her. She hasn’t said yes or no. And now she is kind of freaking out about the ring just being there, but she also doesn’t want him to get rid of the ring either. So the ring is staying where it is now. The drawer. Perhaps it is time for a “Jolex episode” as well just so we’ve had it all.