How Would The Cast of The Vampire Diaries Fit In To The Originals?

After watching the recent crossover between the two shows, questions began to arise. Will we see another crossover? Or maybe a story where the shows share next season? Or maybe thoughts of how one cast joins in another show.

Fear not, we have decided to cover how the cast of The Vampire Diaries would fit into The Originals.

1. Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)

Even though Nina has decided to leave the show, she may come back later on for guest appearances or full time as the directors have set the story in such a way that Elena is always going to have a way to come back.

Assuming that she does, where would she fit in?

Having seen that her character was the piece between the two brothers, the fragile girl who they both wanted to protect them later one who becomes a vampire and faces problems of Katherine etc.

With that being said, her character doesn’t exactly fit in The Originals and I would say it’s a character they might not want to bring in anytime.

Role: NONE

2. Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)

He already has an appearance in the show, but his character was there to get this potion to make sure the huntress can’t track him for a while and to help out Klaus abit to make sure his life isn’t ended because of the sire link.

But that was a one time appearance and that can’t be the role in case he is transferred to The Originals. His character is the good brother, the hero type guy who saves the day or does what is right always. In my point of view that is the downside of the character as the all good and hero type characters are boring and overrated.

But he can actually serve as a good enemy to Klaus becoming a villain that goes against him as his views will never match Klaus’s. At the same time since the two share an interest being Caroline that can be an interesting clash to make things personal.

Role: Villain and Caroline’s love interest.

3. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

This is one character that can actually fit in the show properly. Being the person that reeks havoc and causes destruction wherever he goes and no matter how hard he tries and how good his intentions are he still ends up hurting someone. Sounds a little familiar like Klaus.

But his newer version the post-Elena one is kind of boring as all he does is feel bad and all but the first seasons one fierce not caring maniac type person can fit in properly being the person that is the partner in crime with Klaus.

There also is another way for him to fit in by being the person that tries to go after Klaus as they have a lot of history.

Role: Klaus’s partner in crime or Villain with Stefan. 

4. Bonnie Bennet (Kat Graham)

Her character is one that is always there to protect her friends no matter how much it hurts her. She too is a very powerful witch and the only witch that has survived every enemy she has faced.

The Originals is no short of witches and we constantly see so many come and go but the only one that has been there from the start is Devina. Being her friend wouldn’t make sense as one powerful witch is enough for a show but we have seen that Bonnie is always there near the danger taking hits unlike Freya that is always home and sometimes not even seen in the show but she does her job.

Bonnie could be the full time witch for Klaus who goes in errands together but that would mean Freya looses her worth which is bad. The other option is being the Witch Reagent.

Vincent serves a as a good reagent but his character isn’t exactly at it’s full potential not like when he was under the control of Finn. He should be given a more dangerous role where he is killing out there.

This will give a space for Bonnie to take over and she is also a powerful witch from a powerful family.

She too can act as the balance to Devina’s power kind of being her equal opposite.

Role: Witch Reagent, Klaus’s full time witch friend, Devina’s equal opposite.

5. Caroline Forbes (Candice King)

This requires little to no explanation. Her character so far being the mother of the twins of Allaric she hasn’t been doing much just being a mother for the two children, Stefan’s support and later a news anchor.

Bringing her to The Originals means that the we will see some female powers battling it out. Much like Camile vs Aurora which was lame honestly since Aurora was a very old history and well Cami is new.

Caroline actually serves the purpose of the person that keeps Klaus under check and we have seen her influence Klaus like when he didn’t kill Tyler as an example. At the same time she can also be the love interest for Klaus and start fighting and not be the moral support type character.

Role: Klaus’s love interest, Cami’s rival, Fighter

6. Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig)

His character is alive because of the past they share. Being the ex of Elena and a friend of the Salvatores he is still alive and with the ring that brings him back every time he dies.

Taking him to The Originals will be useless as he won’t survive a day being on the bad side of Klaus. Plus there are no human factions in power now.

Role: None

7. Allaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis)

His character was one of the most terrifying one when he was a vampire hunter. But after having his children and him becoming a human he doesn’t have a big role other than being a person people turn to for advice or to learn history.

Unless he goes back to his old ways his character can’t add much to the show maybe be a babysitter for Hope or the person they can trust to keep Hope with.

Role: Babysitter, Advice & History

8. Enzo (Michael Malarkey)

His character has been given many different roles from being a best friend to Damon, trouble maker, loving Salvatore brother’s Mom (Lily) and now Bonnie.

What I think he can do in The Originals is be the black market type guy as he is really good at finding things you need and plus he now knows his father is the founder of the armoury.

He can also become a problem to Klaus or be an ally as he is powerful with his armoury but what I actually like about his character is the way he manages to piss everyone off and still be their friends 😂

Role: Armoury Leader, Ally of Enemy to Klaus and Black Market dealer