In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

Based on the True Story that Inspired Moby Dick, this movie was great but in a different perspective. Not the usual action or adventure you watch on TV these days.

Starting off by showing Mr. Chase being offered a job in return for being a captain if he brings back 2000 barrels of oil under the command of Captain Pollard. 

Already being used once he takes it in writing and is off to sail away leaving his wife pregnant promising to come back.

Throughout the movie they keep sailing through the seas and the arrogance of the captain to show Chase he is in charge costs them some lives but they do catch a whale and get some oil out of it. 

But that wasn’t enough to fill their ship and they were greedy for more to they got to this Island where they were told of this place where they could find whales but there was this huge white whale that was terrifying. The captain that narrated the story mentioned that the whale tore apart their ship and their friends and whoever left there alive had something to remember.

They laugh him off and set sail 1500 leagues into the Atlantic. Rejoicing when they see plenty of whales. Going back to the process of capturing a while they get caught off guard when the huge white whale shows up destroying their boat. Rushing back to their ship they see the whale come after them. 

Chase tries to hit him with a double arrows bind together with rope but that angers the whale and it begins to hit the ship. 

Pollard watched from the boat and rushed towards the ship arriving in time to see it’s demise as the whale caused a lot of destruction causing a fire to start in the midst of the barrels of oil. 

Escaping in their hunting boats they watched their ship burn into flames and after gathering whatever they had left or managed to get from the ship they began to head towards wherever they could.

Setting off in three hunting ships they get separated by the winds and thunder and end up meeting each other after some time. But that doesn’t last long as they end up in an island stranded. 

They find dead bodies of sailors that waited for a ship to find them and that made them build up their boat to set sail. By the time they were done 4 men decided to stay behind but Chase promised to send a ship for them once he gets home and he did.

Stranded on the sea this time the two boats get separated by the currents and they reach to a point where in Chase’s ship they open up a dead body and ate his flesh while in Pollard’s ship they drew sticks to see who should die. Pollard having the longest stick gives the pistol to his cousin who ends up shooting himself and they eat him up. 

Luckily they encounter together and once again lost in the sea having no water or food, their lips dry and their faces all scaly almost loosing hope wake up to the sound of birds and see that they have approached a port. 

A ship helps them out and they then set from Chile back to their homeland. Arriving at the port everyone gathered no smiles but horror in their faces much like looking at zombies as the survivors came in their faces old with the horror they faced. Both Chase and Pollard are asked to lie about their adventure to save the oil business.

Rejecting the offer to be a captain and wealthy person Chase sets off as a captain of a merchant ship with his wife and daughter while Pollard goes off after the whale but fails and ends up hanging his boots.

All this is narrated by the young teen that survived with Chase to a story writer who was there asking about the story. Rejecting the money offered to him by the writer the wife decides to take it as they were financially challenged. 

And off the writer went, writing his story in a period of 1.5 years only to become famous after his death! 

Not the everyday movie you watch but the tragedies and sadness every moment is just what makes the movie amazing! Worth a wat high!