Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

The best moments are when po is too stupid in obvious things going all wow on everything.

The movie continues where the last one left off with the father now visiting him. They have their stupid moment as they both say good luck to each other in finding their father/son but then realise it that they are each other’s father and son. 😂

In this movie there is a villain called Kai who is the master of Chi and he manages to capture your Chi and make you into this green coin type thing. He was the brother in arms of Oogway who got greedy and took all the Chi from the Pandas and Oogway put him in a spiritual world. 

But after 500 years the villain, Kai manages to beat Oogway and take his Chi to go back to the real world where he brings havoc and takes every master’s chi in China.

Realising the threat his son faces the father manages to convince Po that he can teach him Chi and takes him back to the Panda village.

Meanwhile Shifu and his students try to track Kai down only to see Mantis and the bird captured by Kai. Later attacking them all he captures everyone except for Tigress who goes to warn Po in Panda land leaving the tracks for Kai.

We see this funny way of Po teaching the Pandas their skills and they use it to beat the masters chi. 

Seeing that his finger thing works for mortals only, he does it to himself and takes Kai back to the spirit world where he is almost captured but his panda family as well as his bird father and tigress get their Chi and save him which makes him powerful to defeat Kai. 

The movie isn’t as good as the first and I think none of them can’t be better. But this movie definitely had it’s funny moments but what actually sucked was the whole Chi thing becoming dragons.