Open Season: Scared Silly (2015)

Ever heard of the saying ‘The first one is always the best’? It has to be true in this case. 

This Open Season movie was by far the worst one of all it’s previous movies. Starting off by Elliot trying to take the ‘boo’ out of Boog in other words try to take his fear by making him face his fear.

This leads to the animals scaring him and in the process leads to this deer that looks really terrifying to the tourists and an opportunity for Shaw to go back to his golden days.

Managing to convince the city Sherif or rather forcing him to reopen Open Season, he sets out to get his friends to join him to raid the forest hoping to hit a beat as well.

All this while the animals too want to find the werewolf and take him to the city to shut down Open Season.

Elliot does his usual stupidity, leading his friends to a wild goose chase but hey they get to fly a plane.

At the end with no one left to believe him Elliot decides to wander in the part of the forest where the werewolf was seen and Boog shows up to protect him from Shaw pretending to be a werewolf due to a mask. 

His friends run away leaving him alone but that doesn’t affect Shaw as he begins to fight Boog loosing at the end.

The sherif arrests him and he is taken to jail. At the end Boog ends up seeing a werewolf sneak up behind Elliot and he gets to do his dance he always wanted when he narrated his story and this leads to every one else dancing.

Pretty boring in reality, the jokes were also not that fun and kind off forced. The plot itself was lacking sparks as the whole story was based on a deer looking like a werewolf but the werewolf showing up at the end to end up dancing. Yes that ridiculous! Don’t watch it.