Recovery Road (S01E06): “Heaven Backwards”



    This week’s episode was truly heartbreaking. As we saw in last week’s episode, Trish’s daughter is gone. Her mother, who only has physical custody of Nevaeh, has taken her, packed up everything and fled. Trish is struggling to stay calm. Who could blame her, her daughter has been kidnapped! Everyone is trying to calm her down, and they all fail, until Maddie finds a xanax on the floor. Maddie tells Trish it will calm her down. WIthout Trish’s knowledge, Maddie just gives her a mint and not a xanax. The placebo effect works, and Trish believes she is on xanax. At least she’s calm.

    Wes’s brother came to the sober house. When the police arrive for Trish, he says he’s a felon. Wes hides him in the basement. Throughout the episode we see flashbacks of Wes and his brother and his mom after his dad left. His mother was an addict, and very irresponsible. Back in present time, Wes’s brother is just a complete jerk. His friend literally gunned down a pharmacist for his “stash”. He was also the first person to give Wes meth.

    This episode brings you on an emotional rollercoaster. From feeling heartbreak for Trish, to hatred for Wes’s brother. And, some shock. Nevaeh is just a delusion caused by Trish’s meth use. The one picture she has of Nevaeh is actually herself as a child. And the supposed tattoo of her name on her thigh isn’t there. So that leaves me wondering, is Trish really recovering?