Last Man On Earth (S02E11) “Pitch Black”

Review: In the last scenes of the mid-season finale back in December, there were two big events happening: Phil #2 was in surgery for appendicitis and Mike Miller was on his way to earth.

This week the focus of the episode is on Mike, who lands on an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean. He’s trying to get to land, but after spending some days at sea, he thinks he is going to die there. But then he suddenly starts seeing the young version of his brother Phil (played by Jacob Tremblay), who tells him that he can’t give up (in a way that only Phil would do that). Right at that moment Mike sees a sailboat that seems to be deserted, he goes on board eats his first solid food in 3 years, and puts on clean underwear. But what he also finds is Pat Brown (Mark Boone Jr.), who until that moment, thinks he’s the last man on earth. Their encounter isn’t very nice at the beginning, but Pat calms down after Mike reassures him that he hasn’t been exposed to the virus. Pat seems a little paranoid, maybe it is because he hasn’t had much people around him, or maybe he was like this before the virus, but he rather doesn’t go to shore because he’s afraid of catching the virus. And when later they finally do go, they put on hazmat suits to not get infected.

On shore, Mike is very happy to be touching land again after 3 years. They drive around in an ice cream truck, and Mike sees with his own eyes that there really is nobody left. Until he spots a billboard that says ‘Alive in Tucson’. These are the billboards that Phil made (in the pilot episode), but Mike of course doesn’t know that his brother wrote it. Mike wants to go to Tucson, but Pat stops him by hitting him with a wrench. Later, Mike wants to run away to Tucson, but after a fight with Pat on the beach, he gets hit in the head again and is unconscious. Pat hasn’t been careful enough and sees that Mike’s hazmat suit is ripped, which means he might be exposed to the virus. Pat is devastated that he has already lost his new friend. He puts him in a body bag, and dumps him with all the other bodies. But of course Mike isn’t dead! He wakes up in the body bag, gets out and goes on his way to Tucson.

The Last Man On Earth continues to be the most unique show on TV. It can be very dark at times (like when they showed what happened with the bodies), but is still really hilarious as well. This really keeps the show interesting. And the fact that this episode solely focused on Mike’s survival on earth was a great move in my opinion. Especially since both cliffhangers from before the break really need their own episode to be able to go deeper into the story. The three actors in this episode were great. I loved it that young Phil was acting the same way old Phil is (calling his brother a fart face and friggin’ turd and of course the kool-aid pool) and the way Jacob Tremblay played young Phil was very good! I’m looking forward to Mike’s trip to Tucson, and I wonder when he is going to be reunited with his brother!

Next week will focus on the whole crew. I am really looking forward to that because I want to know what has happened with Phil #2 (although, in the preview it doesn’t look good for him..).

Rating: 9/10

Jacob Tremblay is a treasure (and you should all watch Room).