Quantico: (S01E12) ‘Alex’

In the aftermath of last years mid-season finale, the group that we left are now at odds. After fighting eleven episodes to finally start acting like a team again, I was annoyed to see everyone was once again angry or wary about Alex. Does this mean another good part of a season will be wasted on Alex convincing everyone she’s right?

The group believe that they found the bomber but Alex chose to believe Elias story that he was forced and there was another person involved in the bombings. As a viewer, we all know that Alex was right and I never expected anything else. I didn’t like that the show didn’t make it more convincing.

However, even though I had a lot of faults with the premiere episode, I did like that it focused a lot on the emotional impact the bombings had. We also get to see more of the groups work back at Quantico and a new group of Trainees were introduced. Its obvious who will form relationships, who the new Natalie is and where everything will lead. And once again I was not surprised.

The reason I liked Quantico so much was the adrenalin and the fast paced storyline. But the originality lacked in the premiere episode and I hope this gets cleared up soon.