The Walking Dead (S06E12) “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Mind blowing, shocking, amazing are the few words that come to your mind after watching the episode. 

Starting off with telling everyone about the agreement they all ended up agreeing on attacking except for Morgan who still wanted to negotiate.

Making their plans by taking all the information from their friend they brought back, they decided to ambush the Saviors at night after midnight and they also set out for walker hunting and made a replica to take to the Saviors for the agreement to be in place.

Going into the facility and they managed to kill many men asleep but one managed to pull the alarm. Luckily Glenn reach to the armoury and kills them and Jesus saves them.

And if you noticed something. A priest, a lesbian and Jesus sat in a car make your own joke 😂

Since ther ambush was successful we can’t have that happening in the show. Maggie & Carol got taken and it seems that Negan isn’t showing up or he has someone playing the show for him so far!

It was amazing, something we have been waiting for to see sometime. But what actually is kind of killing the show is how they are trying to force every character to get a loved one or trying to create a ship every episode. Otherwise the plot is thickening and it’s getting better and better!