Lucifer: (S01E07) “Wing Man”

Going for help from his brother, they go to get professional help and well she agrees in return for his help.

They go to the auction where the wings were and the FBI was raising it as well but the brother tipped the auction person to switch with replica.

The disappointment in his face was real but when he finds the man and finally finds his wings he decides to burn it in front of his brother but the question is did he burn the fake one?

Mean while the detective friend of his decided to work to find the cop who shot a good cop she thought was corrupt and to do that she closed the case.

What I can say is that they are picking up a plot but it’s taking a very long time and it’s very slow with a lot of repetition in every episode. 

Two stories to look out for that being the finding of the cop and the feather that Maze kept staring at.