Ted 2 Movie Review (2015)

Sometimes I wonder if I’m watching a live-action version of Family Guy when watching these Ted movies! Well even though they are created by the same person I guess its easy to see the relations, but today I’m reviewing Ted 2!

In the film we start off with Ted (Seth Mcfarlane) and Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) on their wedding day being married by Sam Jones (himself) as the priest. Its during the reception that we learn John (Mark Wahlberg) got divorced from the love interest of the first movie Laurie (Mila Kunis [who did not make an appearance in the film]) its then Ted tells John that he hopes him and Tami-Lynn will have better luck than what John with marriage. The film jumps one year later showing Ted and Tami-Lynn in a huge and I mean huge argument; tables are thrown, beers are smashed, steaks are being thrown both ways through out the house, its a blood bath in there (I’m only joking) but there was arguing with first the wife Tami-Lynn and then went into an argument with an Italian (which seems like a Family Guy tv show move to make). The next day a Customer (Liam Neeson) comes in to do a shady buy for a box of Trix, the customer says to Ted “So this box says Trix are good for kids, but I am not a kid, so if I buy this box will I be tricked?” and Ted goes on to explain to the customer that its just a saying but its not until the end of the conversation that you see Liam Neeson throwing in there a bit of his secret spy lines. Its not until that shady customer that was weird as hell leaves that Ted comes to the conclusion that he wants to have a baby with Tami-Lynn. The couple agrees and goes to the fertility clinic but theres a problem, Tami-Lynn is not fertile any longer, they blame the drugs but can we really determine thats the real case. Its not until Ted and Tami try adopting that the state comes to the conclusion that Ted is not a real person and must prove he is a person and not property! Will Ted defeat the courts and prove hes a real person? Or Will shit go down and kill Ted (again)? Find out by seeing the movie!

Honestly, after watching the first film I was really excited for a part 2 but I just feel like they rushed the plot a bit too much in this film. I feel like if they would’ve sit down and discussed and wrote a solid movie script then it would’ve not gotten the worst reviews on the planet! Yes the movie was hilarious, but there were scenes in the film that didn’t make sense and makes you question why Seth Mcfarlane threw those certain things in the movie. I understand its suppose to have that Family Guy humor and that I got, I was laughing at that, even the Liam Neeson scene of the film I laughed my ass off at that scene. The only thing I had a problem with was the scene with Amanda Seyfried’s character Samantha singing with the guitar and all of a sudden all these animals come out of no where to listen to her beautiful voice. Some of the animals I can understand where they came from like from a den, a rabbit hole, or just flew in from a nest, but what I can’t understand is where the fuck did that Penguin come from? Where the hell did that lobster come from? Its things like that that make you question in why they put that into the movie because it just doesn’t make sense. So I would have to give this film a 3 out of 5 stars only because the story didn’t have a solid plot like the first one did, this film was going all over the place it didin’t have a solid plot, there were scenes that were really unsure about, and introducing new characters is a nice idea as long as you can keep a solid plot line with those characters being introduced which Seth Mcfarlane did not do.

Ted 2 is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray