The Magicians: (S01E08) “The Strangled Heart”

Coming back from their adventures as humans and foxes Elliot makes some fun of them causing an awkward scene. 

Quentin however enjoying company with his new found girl ends up rejected as she thinks he was all drunk and high in their visit to Antartica. 

But all that changes when Elliot’s boyfriend Mike turns out to be possessed by the beast and has a knife which hits Penny while trying to save Quentin.

Some weird stuff comes up from his wound and they try the doll method which Jane used to make sure the wound doesn’t eat her heart up.

But that isn’t useful as they later realise it must be something very precious and Quentin finds the wrapper Katey gave him before she left.

Burning that worked and well everything settled except for when Jane went to see Mike the beast kills her and even manages to beat the Dean only for Elliot to snap his neck with magic.

And that ends with Quentin back with his girl!

It’s going back to a one story going for the whole episode and not the way it started but hopefully we are going to see some more action soon!