Bates Motel (S04E01): “A Danger to Himself and Others”



On tonight’s episode of Bates Motel, a lot of bizarre things went down with our favorite Sheriff. Although Norma asking him to marry her for insurance by far was the most odd. Although it was kinda funny in its own way.

The episode starts off with Norman missing, as you probably already guessed Norma is freaking out. Not only that but Emma is finally going for her lung transplant.

You know when you watch Bates it always has that thriller and hyped vibe. It was nice to have a little bit of a lighter episode with a little humor, I mean sassy Norma is one of my favorite parts of her character aside form the protective mother vibe.

I mean she clearly went over the Edge when the doctor at the hospital said she was negligent I mean she’s anything but that. Yeah sure she never actually got him help from a doctor, since she was too scared, but her over compensation of protectiveness helped so to speak.

We all know that she isn’t afraid to use her sexuality as a means to get her things she wants, and boy did she use that to her best ability in this episode. Most surprising part of this story is as seeing Emma’s mum turn up and even though that was short lived it made me so much more intrigued in her story. 

Okay so we all know that there’s a lot of acting talent that goes by unnoticed, and for me personally Vera and Freddie are two of those people they excel in these roles. I mean my favorite part of watching shows is when the writing is great but it’s the story’s only as good as its performed and that’s what is done in this show. 

Anyways I cant wait till next week, the preview made it look so good.