Billions (S01E07): “The Punch”


This as an unexpected beginning to this weeks episode of Billions. But it was nice to see Bobby so protective of his kids. Although the guy that he hit was a little to eager to get money out of it. It’s definitely all about what you can gain on this show. Money and power.

So we all know that Chuck took a deal to stop working on the Axelrods case, which isn’t working in his favor. I mean it’s fairly obvious why Axe is working so hard against this case. With his fierce passion for the stock market and just making more money. Whereas Chucks motives in this case are still to be determined.

So this show has pretty complex characters and relationships, but Wendy and Chuck are the two with the most secrets in their relationship. I mean it’s clear that there marriage is everything complicated and more, with the lies and conflict getting in the way.

Whereas the Axelrods have a more harmonious relationship, even though Lara is always compensating for Axes impulsiveness.

Let’s just say this episode all in all way pretty good. I mean it’s probably the BEST TO DATE, so I’m definitely curious to see what happens next.