New Girl (S05E10): “Goosebumps Walkaway”

Review:  Jess is back! Right on time for the 100th episode! Just as Reagan and Nick decide to take advantage of Reagan’s last day in LA by taking things to the next level, Jess appears! Back from jury duty, she’s gotten the gang custom made “My roommate found the defendant guilty on 4 counts and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”-t-shirts! Where’s mine, Jess? Where’s mine? 

Though Jess – who’ll be appearing on the news the following day because she was just *that* good at jury duty – is happy to be back, there’s one thing she’ll miss: sequestered juror 237b! Jess and juror 237b made the courthouse their “hot house”, flirting over blood spatters. But, seeing as exchanging personal information was strictly forbidden, Jess has no way to find him. 

The perfect person to help her out? Reagan! Jess and Reagan, both “top shelf ladies” according to Nick, spend some quality time together, as Reagan tries to avoid saying goodbye to Nick. With Reagan’s help, Jess tracks down one of the other sequestered jurors at a men-only lawn bowling club. Not allowed to enter, Jess and Reagan find themselves in a tough spot. But who better to help than Nick, right? Just who Reagan wanted to see! Nick finds out that sequestered juror 237b’s name is Gary Garcia! At the police station, with Winston’s help, they manage to narrow the search down to 931 men with the same name. Ouch. 

Nick, meanwhile, spends the day writing goodbye phrases for the inevitable moment later on. What he wants is something that will linger, a “goosebumps walkaway”, something that’ll make sure Reagan never forgets him. Schmidt helps him out until they find the perfect one! When the moment comes, Reagan wants to tell Nick how she feels – she’s crazy about him – but Nick tells her, “Sayonara, Sammy. Sayonara.” That’ll do the trick, I’m sure. 

At the airport, Reagan watches Jess on the news. Also watching?  Nick, Winston and Schmidt at the loft! On camera, Jess’s face is kept hidden to protect her, but as it turns out, they invited another juror via live stream. Which one? Gary, of course! Jess and Gary instantly recognize each other and start exchanging their personal information on live television (smart!) so they can find each other. This, of course, gives Reagan and Nick the courage they need to talk to each other. Reagan calls Nick and, ever the romantic, tells him, “Sayonara, Sammy.” Nick needs time to process this. Mostly during his Nick-on-Nick time, later. TMI, Nick, TMI.

But I think we’ll see Reagan again, or at least, I hope so.  

When Jess and Gary finally reunite, they’re happy to be able to talk about anything other than the case. Anything at all. Which is nothing, because apparently Jess and Gary was just a juror-fling and without the exciting murder as a backdrop to their flirting, there’s really nothing between them. Whatever happened to John Cho? 

In the last plot of this week’s episode, Winston takes Cece and Schmidt to his dance class/dance gathering so Cece and Schmidt can practice for their first wedding dance. To Schmidt’s horror, Winston’s class isn’t choreographed but consists of people dancing however they like. Every since high school, back when he was still chubby and insecure, he’s had a paralyzing fear of public dancing and making a fool of himself. After an embarrassing performance one year, he made sure to learn “the hustle” perfectly, determined to impress everyone the following year. Which worked. But, ever since, Schmidt has relied on choreographed, rehearsed dance moves. Winston and Cece, however, don’t care. They’re just there to feel the music and dance without the same precision. Cece just wants their first dance to be just the two of them having the time of their lives.  

When they’re at the police station to help Jess (see above), Schmidt notices Winston’s fellow cops making fun of him for taking dance classes. Later, Winston tells Schmidt that he doesn’t even care about any of that. When is Schmidt going to stop worrying about what people say? Winston only cares about what he thinks of himself, and he advises Schmidt to do the same. This is the true goosebumps walkaway of the episode, if you ask me (and Schmidt)!

In the last scene, Schmidt shows Cece and Jess his non-choreographed dance for the wedding. Which turns into a full blown loft dance party! Awesomesauce.