Fresh Off The Boat (S02E15) “Keep ‘Em Separated”

Review: This week’s episode of Fresh Off The Boat revolves around jealousy and whether or not men and women can be friends with each other.

Honey and Jessica want to have some time together as friends, but Louis keeps interrupting them. Jessica tries to keep him away from them by allowing him to play pool. But when she finds out that Louis’s new pool partner is a woman named Toni, she gets jealous and decides that she will become Louis’s partner.

Meanwhile, when Nicole breaks up with her boyfriend Eddie’s friends think that it’s not possible for her and Eddie to hang out together because Alison will get jealous. Eddie thinks his posse might be right, especially because he has never told Alison about the crush he had on Nicole before they started dating, so he tries to keep the two girls away from each other to avoid conflict. But he isn’t able to ‘keep ‘em separated’ and they start talking to each other. However, Alison is not angry about Eddie’s crush, and also tells him that she used to have a crush on Dave. This drives Eddie nuts and he gets jealous, even so much that he gets very angry at Dave.

In the end both Jessica and Eddie realize that they were wrong, or almost not right. Jessica lets Louis hang out with Toni (probably a good decision, since Jessica is not the best pool player) and Eddie makes up with Dave.

I missed Evan and Emery a lot in this week, but I thought it was still a solid episode. I liked the parallels between both storylines, and both stories still evolved in their own way. Eddie’s friends are such a funny group, I think the kid actors playing them are great! It was nice to finally see Nicole back for a bigger part this episode, and I like her friendship with Alison. But Jessica and Honey’s friendship is still the best!

Rating: 8.5/10

Best line of the week: