10 Cloverfield Lane Movie Review (2016)

Most sequels are said to be horrible or saddening or a major disappointment but I’m here today to tell you all thats not the case with this movie. Even though this is a sequel and I’m as shocked as you guys with the words that are coming out of my mouth but yes it was quite good! The movie I’m reviewing is 10 Cloverfield Lane!

In the film we are introduced to a woman who seems to be saddened by leaving her fiance, her name is Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) she then gets a call from her fiance Ben(Bradley Cooper) while shes driving away from the city, he asks her to come back for the two of them to face the problems together and not apart but she doesn’t care about what he has to say. Michelle is then hit by a vehicle swirling her car off the road and she blacks out. When she awakes shes with a hand-made metal/cloth brace on her right leg and with an IV in her left arm giving her water or fluids to keep her hydrated. She then takes the IV out and tries getting to her phone, she succeeds after the third try only to find out theres no service in this weird looking room that shes in. The man keeping her against her will then comes into the room to give her a plate of eggs and hashbrowns and tells Michelle that she needs to keep up her strength and to keep hydrated otherwise she would die. Michelle then creates ways to escape but nothing seems to work until she remembers she had matches in her purse, she creates a fire that gets the man’s attention. He puts out the fire and knocks her out; when Michelle wakes up again she sees the man sitting in her room, and tells her to not try an escape again. That hes the one who saved her off the road and that she should be grateful for it. So right before he leaves, he introduces himself as Howard (John Goodman), Michelle then works up on another escape during that nights dinner, she hurts Howard and grabs his keys unlocking the door that leads to the front doors, a woman is on the other side of the door; John tells Michelle to not open the door that the woman is already dead that she is infected with the toxic gas that is in the air and to not let her in. Michelle considers letting the woman in but then chooses not to where the woman dies in front of Michelle. Will Michelle find a way out of this Hell? Will she ever be able to breathe the fresh air once again? Will she survive? Find out by going to see the movie!

I’m going to be honest with you all, I was having serious doubts about this movie. Like literally, I hated the first Cloverfield movie and I was thinking that this one was going to suck as well. But good news it doesn’t suck, in fact it seems like they realized Gorilla Camming an entire movie was not the best choice. In fact a lot of the cinematography was an improvement in the film. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was fantastic in the film, she rocks at any role that she plays and this role she was phenomenal! There was a few jokes that were made in the film which was awesome, and the last thing that I truly loved is that they showed the alien in a full 2 or 3 scenes which was an improvement from the last film! The story to make you feel bad for all the human characters by focusing on them the most was the best idea. And I wont spoil anything but I will say that this film ends with the impression that there could be a Cloverfield 3, wither there will be or not I guess that depends on how much this film gets at the box office.

I give this film a good 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for wonderful acting, fantastic story plot, and phenomenal visual effects!

10 Cloverfield Lane is now out in theaters, go see it!