Daddy’s Home (2015)

The mere fact that we have an amazing cast makes you want to check the movie out. Take Will & Mark and put them in a movie who wouldn’t watch it right? And it’s a comedy something both of them have experience in and especially after watching ‘Get Hard’ which had Will and Kevin Hart it is safe to say this would be a blockbuster comedy movie.

And it didn’t disappoint. With the story being the step-dad Brad (Will) has been married for a while now and his step children still haven’t opened up to him with at times calling him names and drawing him as poop. 

It all changes when the step son comes and wants to talk to him confidentially. The tears begin to flow it’s a special moment for him and not just that he was asked to be be the father in the father-daughter dance. 

Life can’t be that easy at the beginning of any movie! A phone call from Dusty (Mark) the real father or you may say biological father changes everything. 

Trying to act cool and not be the bad guy he decides to pick him up in the airport where Dusty doesn’t acknowledge him and not just that he ends up sleeping in the house with Griff the repairman and we see some racist jokes here and there, he also becomes the voice of the music company of Brad earning him a lot of money and if that is not enough manages to ruin everything that Brad has leaving him to feel like he lacks some manhood.

With ofcourse the daughter providing the best entertainment with her cuteness and way of pronouncing words and emotions it’s safe to say we have one for the future right here in our midst! (She is also in the series Lucifer)

Brad and Dusty then go on a full war to see who is the most liked one. Not wanting to spoil the movie for you or make you read what you have watched let’s move ahead to where they finally make peace and come to the father daughter dance. 

The funniest part was the dance off. Imagine if the world would work this way we would have Obama and Putin having a dance off to solve problems 😂

The best part was at the end when Dusty marries a mom and has the same issues Brad had but this time Roger (John Cena) pulls up in a motorbike and dude he is huge! 😂

The movie wasn’t an action one but it had it’s moments and we also got a glimpse of the basketball game and that was really a mess. 😂

It is filled with comedy and also shows how children can be torn apart between parents and how the step issues are a problem to them.

Great movie a must watch!