Legends of Tomorrow: (S01E08) “Night of the Hawk”

Review: You’d think travelling to the past when Savage still didn’t know about the team would make them somewhat safe, but that’s not quite true. When Kendra and Ray start playing the house, not only does Savage “make one hell of a casserole”, but he also remembers “the love of his life.”

We know by now that Ray and Kendra might be the next possible couple. They’ve kissed before. However, are they the Olicity to LOT? I don’t think so. I don’t like this romantic option at all. Not because Kendra is destined to be with another man, but it seems overly done to me. At least Jax showed feelings for her a couple of episodes back. Ray just kind of decided he might as well be her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Stein is being annoying – even to the characters. Jax has been repeating himself for a couple of times now that Stein needs to update his way of talking. I couldn’t agree more.

Now, Snart was awesome. We know him as a criminal, of course. Lately, we’ve seen him in a different light as well. A character who can protect the rest of the team, a character who goes beyond just robbing banks. In a role of a detective, he is just being overly badass.

The ending is the same as always. Chronos is once again back and Vandal Savage once again cannot get killed. It feels like this show only accepts those two possible villains. It would be awesome if they brought in new characters. Fighting Savage all the time just feels like the usual.

At least we’ve got a supernatural theme. As Snart said:”Just when you think you saw everything.” The title of the episode made me think Kendra’s other half may be coming back to the show (although I am sure he will eventually), but instead we got some kind of flying demon birds. The effects of that were pretty awesome!

Ray, Kendra and Sara are stuck in time, while the rest of the team is trying to fight off Chronos. What is going to happen in the next episode? Will we get a devided pisode? Let’s see the next time we tune in!