Vikings: (S04E04) “Yol”

With the same divided attention to everywhere we haven’t been seeing too much of one side.

In France Rollo finally learns ‘French’ and his wife now loves him. 

In England the King has his own daughter in law as his mistress his son has the Queen of Murcia who also has the son of Ragnar that Ragnar doesn’t know about. 

And back in the lands where it all started Bjorn manages to kill the man who tried to kill him and found the ring. But what surprised me was why he didn’t bring that up but it could be because of his mom.

But the best part of the episode was when we got to see a new king arrive who now wants to be King.

And our friend Floki has something going on with the Seer.

Exciting but still slow hoping to start seeing the action soon.