HTGAWM (S02E14): “There’s My Baby”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, something bad happened. So much bad stuff. Bad stuff all arond. Westophe’s mom stabbed herself with a kitchen knife in front of Annalise, creepy Phillip creepily came out from under Westophe’s bed to attack Annalise and Westophe himself decided this was the perfect time to visit Eve in New York! Oh, and Bonnie likes recording things just as much as creepy Phillip!


Annalise/Eve/Nate: As the episode begins, Eve orders Wes to call 911, as Annalise fights off Phillip. Fortunately, she manages to get away. At the police station, Annalise and Wes come face to face for the first time since… forever. I’ve missed their weirdly fascinating interactions! Eve, Annalise and Wes spend all night at the police station. When they return to Annalise’s house in the morning, everyone has their own questions to ask Annalise. Like, what is her parttime lover Eve doing there? Will Wes ever shave his beard? etc. etc.

When they’re alone, Eve asks Annalise why she gave Wes the Mahoney file if she wasn’t going to tell him the truth. Touché. Eve points out that Wes is a grown man who can handle the truth! Eve also invites Annalise to New York for the millionth time, but Annalise is fine right here with Nate’s pecs. Speaking of, Bonnie chooses that moment to tell them Nate has arrived. Eve and Nate argue about what happened to Annalise but really it’s just them fighting over her like “a chew toy”.
When Eve tries to leave, Wes stops her, still in need of answers. Annalise, however, lets Wes know that she’ll provide them herself. Really? Sounds fake, but okay…

The Keating Five (I): Annalise tells the students that they can’t leave until the police catch Phillip. When Nate arrives, he reveals that they are unable to find Caleb. Michaela blames Annalise, because that’s what everyone always does when bad things happen.

After Eve leaves, Bonnie tells everyone that ADA Todd Denver wants to interrogate everyone who was on creepy Phillip’s footage. But because they’ve been in the murder business for quite some time now, no one cracks under the pressure and Denver still ends up with nothing.
Back at Annalise’s house, Laurel tries to apologize to Wes for going to Annalise behind his back, but Wes reveals that he’s not mad at her for that. What he’s mad about is Laurel keeping that tiny crumpled up piece of paper from him that implied he killed his mom. Laurel assures him that he couldn’t have done it, but Wes is as determined as ever to convince people that murder is right up his alley!
Later, the ADA also interrogates Asher and Asher proves he’s Keating Five material! And, like with the rest of the Keating Five, his guilt is weighing heavily on him. He thanks everyone for protecting him (wow), but Connor doesn’t want to hear it because his precious boyfriend is on the way and we must protect Oliver at all costs! Is Oliver the only one who’s not an accomplice to murder at this point? Michaela doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea if they let Oliver in on some of their secrets; after all, knowing the whole truth about Phillip could have saved Caleb. Connor struggles with keeping the truth from Oliver, who then arrives to brighten everyone’s day with his smile and pizza! Laurel saves the day later by implying that Frank shot Annalise to gauge Oliver’s reaction. Oliver freaks out and Laurel tells Connor that she did him a favor by proving that keeping the truth from Oliver is the best thing to do.
Frank/Bonnie: Flashback!Frank bangs a brunette; flashback!Bonnie has a therapy/roleplaying session with Sam. Present day Frank and Bonnie are shady and secretive. When Asher wants to come clean about the part he played in all of this, Bonnie assures him that what’s happening now isn’t his fault, because it all started with Lyla. Bonnie confronts Frank about him killing Lyla, but Frank then counters the fact that Bonnie has Rebecca’s blood on her own hands. When Annalise catches them coming out of the basement, pointing out that she hopes they’re not banging – same, Annalise, same – they lie that it’s about Laurel. When Annalise confronts Bonnie about it later, Bonnie turns it around on her, asking Annalise about her weirdly fascinating fixation on Wes. Annalise proves how wrong Bonnie is about her fixation on Wes by throwing everyone out.
Except for Wes.
The Keating Five (II): For everyone else, this means it’s time to get wasted! They go to the bar, do shots, and dance. It’s delightful and awesome and Michaela goes wild and Connor and Oliver are adorable and Asher looks like he can’t decide who he’s more jealous of, Connor or Oliver. Yet, somehow – how???? – this ends with Asher slapping Michaela’s ass, them banging in the club’s bathroom, and my very confused and appalled face. No, really. Michaela has the worst taste in men. Poor Caleb, who at this very moment is possibly getting chopped up in slices of pretty boy meat by creepy Phillip.

The flashbacks: This week we get the answers to several of this show’s mysteries. Annalise meets up with Eve at the police station after Rose’s suicide, where an agent is interrogating young Westophe. Both Eve and the officer think Rose’s suicide makes no sense and the agent suspects that the Mahoneys might have something to do with it. Back at the hotel, Annalise runs into Frank and Wallace Mahoney. Wallace is still a dick. When Annalise asks him why Rose was terrified of him, he threatens to fire her.


Ananlise tries to convince Eve to tell the agent at the police station that Rose was threatened by the Mahoneys. When Eve refuses, Annalise gets into her car to do it herself. Annalise gets into a car crash and at the hospital, they’re forced to do a c-section, unable to hear the baby’s heartbeat. They deliver the baby and, sadly, they let Annalise know that the baby didn’t make it. Viola Davis shows us why she deserves an Emmy every single week and this week is no exception. They give Annalise the baby, despite her protests, and a nurse ends up taking a picture of Sam, Annalise and their son before Annalise forces her to take the baby away. Later, in the hallway, Sam tells Eve, who introduces herself as a colleague involved in the Mahoney case, that Annalise is off the case. But, as a flashback then finally reveals, Annalise had already been fired by Wallace Mahoney –  the dick – after she confronted him about why Rose was so scared of him. Turn out, Wallace raped Rose and is Westophe’s bio dad!

Annalise/Wes/Laurel: After Annalise throws them all out (except for Westophe), Wes and Annalise have a much needed talk. Annalise finally(!!) tells Wes the truth about his mom, apologizing for the part she played in it. But Wes still doesn’t believe her, because Wes is a smart, smart puppy. And he’s right, there’s more. She comes clean about his paternity!
The end: Wes starts researching his bio dad, Annalise sobs as she holds the one picture she has of herself, Sam and their son, while Bonnie reveals to Frank that she knows he must have killed Lyla for Sam. And just as Frank tells Bonnie that Annalise can’t find out…
Drunk Laurel shows up on Annalise’s doorstep! Time for a confrontation! She accuses Annalise of ruining all her relationships; first with Frank and now with Wes. Laurel wonders if Annalise told Wes that he killed his mom, or that Annalise ordered Frank to kill Lyla. Haah! Annalise is all like, “Whut?” because Annalise actually did NOT know that Frank killed Lyla… Awkward. But Laurel is too drunk to notice so Annalise goes along with it.
After Laurel leaves, Annalise packs her bags and proves that you’re never too old to come crying to mom. Annalise’s mom is very excited to see her. Annalise herself, not so excited.