Shades of Blue: (SO1E10) ‘What Devil Do’

The investigation grows more intense as the mysterious ‘deal’ is finally revealed and its a big one. Aside from dealing with that, Harlee also finds out that her ex boyfriend Miguel is out of jail.

I found it odd that Harlee didn’t do more to cement her lie with Christina and the fact that she left her alone as well seemed negligent. I would think that Wozniak would also try and put a detail on Christina to make sure she’s safe since all Miguel wants is to see his daughter.

But all their attention was on the deal and a case that I initially thought was irrelevant. I couldn’t understand why Wozniak’s boyfriend would kill the suspect in some random killing or have his nephew do it but I look forward to see what happens next. The entire episode revolved around Christina and the deal so the final scene didn’t surprise me.

However, the kiss did. I felt like it was the wrong timing or setting. I knew it was coming because it was obvious since they met but I oddly wanted it to happen further into the season. Christina opening the door was bound to happen, which is why I knew that Harlee messed up by not putting a detail on her daughter.

The show ended so suddenly, I didn’t have time to soaked it all in but its the perfect way to make fans wait in agony. Loved it.