The 100: (S03E08) ‘Terms and Conditions’

I knew this week the focus would be on Arcadia even though part of me hoped that there would be some clips or a sneak peek but sadly we don’t get to see what occurred after Lexa’s tragic death last week.

This doesn’t mean Thursday’s episode disappointed, in fact its one of my favourite episodes so far. The beginning sets the tone for the entire episode and by the end the dynamics and alliances have shifted. This scheming and planning really impressed me and I loved all the characters reflecting on the lengths they would go.

Pike is a serious pain but I like it when writers can create a character that causes viewers to literally despise someone. Arcadia will be changing soon and I can’t believe we have to wait until March 31st to see what happens to our beloved Kane. His character has changed so much since the first time we met him and I honestly believe its the politics from being on the ground that’s changed him.

I usually get annoyed whenever the Red Lady comes on but this time around I actually paid attention and I like what I saw. I thought Jasper was weak enough to ask Raven for the pill but it chose to remember Maya and feel the pain than not remembering her. I was so happy that Raven was able to break the spell and I always knew she was too strong to believe in this invisible Red Lady. Great twist to the plotline.

The trailer also gives some hope for Bellamy fans and it looks like Clarke is coming home!