The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 (2015)

Being really excited or you could say I maybe had high expectations for this movie.

Having taken Peeta from the capital’s hands they now try to treat him to make him be the old him.

Their current president having the same plans as Snow sends out Peeta to accompany Katniss out because she most likely didn’t want competition once she becomes the leader after their invasion of Snow.

Since it’s the last movie it’s obvious they will succeed but what is important the manner they do in.

The most impressive part of the movie was the game makers skills of how they managed to think out those traps they made. Another aspect that was amazing was the way each side used every opportunity to propagate their idea and boost the morale of their own people.

Katniss wanting to reach to Snow took it’s bad turns with her loosing a lot of her friends but the two main characters ofcourse never die. Her best friend and boyfriend that wants to kill her.

In my opinion the story was too good to be true in the sense that they managed to create a rebellion in such magnitude. But the ballon bombs that dropped added some realism plus the sisters death added on to it as having one major loss is necessary otherwise we would be watching a superhero movie.

Remaining to be the savior she shoots the arrow to her president and Snow is taken care of by the people and this part was really a good piece of writing. 

But what actually got me kind of annoyed was how the movie ended with a happy ending. For a plot such as that so much tragedy and loss and fighting it’s literally impossible to have a day where they can rest but my guess is the whole Katniss having a child and being happy is like the same thing of Felicity from Arrow never dying because the fans love it’s. 

The first one remains my favourite but who knows maybe one day the son may return and follow the footsteps of his mom giving us another movie 😂