Grey’s Anatomy (S12E13): “All Eyez On Me”

Review: Previously on Grey’s Anatomy. We know Meredith doesn’t necessarily want to be alone anymore. April is happily pregnant, carrying Jacksons baby around in her soon to become big belly. Alex knows. Arizona knows. It’s just a matter of time before everyone knows, except Jackson of course. Amelia transformed into a love-struck teenager, because she and Owen started over and went back to ‘getting to know each other’ or something like that. Actually everybody seems quite happy. So is there anything going on in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? Well…

Callie, Meredith, Jo, Bailey and Jackson go to a Military medical center to perform a very rare and unusual surgery on a cancer patient by removing one of his legs and reattach his other leg in the middle of his body. Yes, it looks a bit weird to be honest. The patient’s doctor, Major Thorpe, isn’t very pleased with this surgery and doubts if the Grey-Sloan Memorial doctors can even pull this off. Actually he is right, because they have only practiced the surgery once… But Callie tries to hide her insecurities by giving a great speech. She may have taken it a little bit too far stating they are the “dream team” and that they are miracle workers. No pressure whatsoever. When Bailey starts praying just before they go into surgery even I get a little nervous. When did we ever see Bailey pray? The surgery seems to be going well, but Callie needs to change plans because she can’t proceed the same way as she did while practicing. Callie silently freaks out and leaves the OR.

Meanwhile at Grey Sloan Memorial there has been an accident that involves a cheerleading team. This makes some doctors remember why they hated high school so much. And the doctors realize that the hospital isn’t too different from high school (which isn’t a big surprise in season 12). We do see Stephanie as an excellent ex-cheer captain who’s handling these gossiping, teenage girls very well. Also, dr. Warren tries to save a patient by cutting him open with a clipboard outside of an OR. Yes, a clipboard outside the OR, because a clipboard was the sharpest thing he could find in the psych ward. Bailey only hears about this after she gets back from the Military center and is furious. She suspends Warren for making such an irresponsible decision. So yes, dating the chief of surgery is messy and doesn’t give you a right to special treatment. Maggie still wants to keep her relationship with DeLuca a secret. Alex accuses her of being ashamed of DeLuca, because he isn’t an attending or a resident, but a – I quote – “nobody”. She doesn’t have to be, because an attending dating an intern has happened many, many times before, that no one really cares. So Maggie decides to tell the world (read: just dr. Riggs, because most people already know). And as Arizona said, this was awkwardly hard to watch. For everyone. And DeLuca doesn’t seem very comfortable either.

Back at the military medical center Bailey and Meredith try to buy Callie some time to improvise and come up with a back-up plan, but major Thorpe gets suspicious. Callie enters the OR just in time to calm everyone down again and fix this man’s leg. Let’s just thank Bailey for praying and thank God they succeeded saving this man’s life. We didn’t really get to see much of Jo, Bailey, Meredith and Jackson. Well except for Jackson who was flirting with one of the doctors from the military medical center while prepping bones for the surgery. Who wouldn’t flirt over some bones?

And although this episode was supposed to be about Callie, we also didn’t really get to see a lot of her except that she was able to come up with an improvised plan, after walking around the hall for a while. So all eyes were not really on Callie. Especially Major Thorpe’s eyes, because he had his eyes set on Meredith. First by just complementing Meredith on her surgery techniques and later on when she was leaving, telling him that they would follow up on his patient, he started flirting with her again. Meredith didn’t really notice, but Jackson states out the obvious for her, because he’s apparently the flirt-expert. Meredith does get out of the car and goes back to give this man her telephone number. Yaaay! We will always miss Derek, but I like that she is putting herself out there again. Baby steps of course, but it looks like major Thorpe will be Meredith’s first love interest after Derek. I’m just not sure how, because another character on the show would make the hospital an even more crowded place and leave less time to cover everything that’s going on already.