The Big Bang Theory (S09E18) “The Application Deterioration”

As a continuation of the events that happened in the last few weeks, this episode explores the storylines of Howard and his new idea, that he came up with after finding out that Bernadette is pregnant and Raj and his situation with Emily and Claire.

Howard, Sheldon and Leonard apply for a patent at the university, but they find out that the university will own 75% of the patent (and with that 75% of the profits), and Howard won’t get any money at all. They try to figure out a way to let Howard make money as well, and Sheldon drafts a contract for the three of them that states that they will split their profits. Bernadette has her doubts about their partnership, especially with collaborating with Sheldon, who has always been mean to Howard these years. So they add a clause to the contract that says that Sheldon has to be respectful to Howard. Besides adding that clause, Sheldon also includes that 25% of his profits go to a scholarship fund for Howard and Bernadette’s baby.

Then Raj’s story. Emily has dropped off a package for Raj, after their breakup and now he doesn’t know what to do. Penny, Amy and Bernadette try to help him with this. Penny thinks that Emily wants to get back together, and Amy and Bernadette think it was just a nice gift and she just wants to stay friends with Raj. As it turns out, Penny was right and Emily was playing him to get back together.

I thought this episode was pretty funny and had some good punchlines. However, I’ve said this before, I hope that this whole love triangle storyline of Raj doesn’t go on for much longer because I don’t like those types of stories. But I must admit that the storyline also had some funny moments. I liked the other storyline though, it was great to see the guys stick together and that they seem to be excited to work on this new project!

Rating: 7.5/10