The Walking Dead: (S06E13) “The Same Boat”

The ladies rocked this episode. Usually the group somehow always shows up and saves the day but this time they only came at the end and Rick took care of Primo.

What’s impressive is the fact that they all call themselves Negan and the real Negan never dies and the idea keeps hitting the heart of people scaring them.

In addition the strategy that Carol used was just pure masterpiece! Pretending to play the old woman that believed to much in God to use the cross as a way to cut the tape and get the upper hand psychologically. And what was more impressive was how they used the guy and tie him up to get the bite on the old woman. 

Carol still having some humanity left in her, let her similar counterpart go but she didn’t buy it and at the end got her ending. Meanwhile they also managed to get the backup burnt! Like literally!

Amazing episode! Even though it just focuses on one place and a small time period it was just great in the way they made the Negan part up!