Billions (S01E08): “Boasts and Rails”


Shows usually have complex characters and a lot of the time, those characters are very flawed, which in some ways makes them relate able and way more interesting to watch. Now we cant deny that Billions is full of those complex characters, which is what makes us so intrigued about them. I mean Chuck and Bobby wouldn’t be nearly as interesting to watch then, if they weren’t willing to cross whatever line there was to enhance them further in this game of cat and mouse.

In tonight’s episode lets look at the actions that Chuck and Bobby were facing. On the one hand, Chuck and Bryan decide to set up another employee at Axe Capital in order to keep them for exposing their mole already in the firm. Whereas on the other hand Bobby seizes any advantage  that there is on the stock market. All while also dealing with his colleagues and future brother in law that were in the towers.