Last Man On Earth (S02E12) “Valhalla”

Review: After last week’s continuation of the story of Mike Miller who gets back to earth, we now finally get to see the whole Tucson crew back! It was clear after the cliffhanger that Phil #2 died during his appendicitis surgery, but I was still kind of hoping (even though I didn’t like him very much) that he would survive. The episode starts out with a Viking funeral for him, attended by the whole Tucson crew. Phil is taking Phil #2’s death very hard, and tries to find closure by singing a song and impersonating him. His good feelings about Phil #2 soon disappear though when he finds out that Phil #2 actually did have a middle name, while he said he didn’t: Stacy. Things get even worse when Erica tells Phil that Phil #2 specifically told her right before he died not to let Phil raise their baby.

When later Phil #2’s coffin shows up (that had been floating around at sea, as part of the Viking funeral), Phil and Erica bury the body, like they should’ve done it in the first place. It seems like both Phil and Erica find peace in this.

Meanwhile, Todd is still conflicted between Melissa and Gail. He rejected Melissa when she proposed to him, which turned her into a wreck. And it gets harder for Todd to keep his relationship with Gail a secret. Not only Todd has a difficult time, when Phil tells Carol that Melissa “is getting boned against” by Gail, Carol tries to avoid Melissa to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally tells her about this.

Where I usually don’t like the love triangle arc very much, I enjoy Todd’s love triangle a lot. Maybe this has to do with the fact that the Last Man On Earth is such an unusual show that it is totally justified for them to do this storyline, maybe it is because of Mel Rodriguez’s great performance during it all, I don’t know, but I like it! Just to be clear, not only Rodriguez’s performance made the parts of this storyline so funny, I also thought Mary Steenburgen (pouring herself a drink) and January Jones (unbedazzling the boots she got for Christmas) were hilarious in this episode!

Anyway, Todd still tries to cover up that he and Gail are a couple, which gets harder after Melissa kisses him and thinks they might get back together. Of course Melissa tells Carol what happened, but Carol, still afraid of spilling the beans, runs off with diarrhea. So, Todd is in a big mess, but as long as I am still enjoying it (and as long as it’s his mess and not mine), that’s fine with me!

This episode was absolutely great and really funny (especially considering it included a funeral). Once again I loved all storylines. I thought Will Forte was very funny in his scenes, especially the ones where he impersonated Phil #2. And also, like I said earlier, I really enjoy the storyline between Todd, Melissa and Gail. I’m looking forward to the next episode, but sadly we will have to wait for three weeks!

Rating: 9.5/10