Lucifer: (S01E08) “Et Tu, Doctor?”

After throwing his past life away in the past episode, for now we are assuming he burnt the real ones and for that he threw himself a party. But his ‘girl’ shows up with her ex-husband and he gets swept away into another case.

The best part of the case being when he decided to not be the person who stops the man from committing suicide and says if you want you can jump now! 😂

As we previously saw there is a new investigation being done on the shooting that happened resulting in a death of a cop and well Chloe decided to drop it officially but continued in silence. Turns out it’s her ex-husband who was involved and now he is a puppet of the person who decided to to bust him.

With that being the only interesting angle in the series, it’s improving but still has a long way to be an established show!