Shameless (S06E09): “A Yurt of One’s Own”



HANDS DOWN THE BEST EPISODE of this season so far.

The reunion of Mandy and Ian was so great to see. My favorite thing about the earlier seasons of Shameless was the friendship between these two characters. They were absolutely amazing, it was especially emotional for these two characters. Considering what circumstances brought them back into each others lives again. The last scene of the night with them was very raw and open. Shout out to the writers on this line “Just because we were born here, doesn’t mean we end up here” it was delivered impeccably and I loved every second of that moment.

Okay so we all now Carl was having a rough time ever since his friend committed that horrendous crime. And hes been taking it pretty bad over the last couple episodes, it was such a nice change to see him happy again. I think we’ve seen a lot more to Carl over last season and this season. The writers have done a good job with his character development.

So you’ll now by now, if anyone even reads these that I adore Sean and Fiona’s relationship. So that set back was really hard to watch not just because it was a BRILLIANT performance but it was so harsh and abrupt and upfront I’m not sure Fiona was ready for that kind of confrontation. Also I’ve had my worries about there relationship especially since Dermot Mulroney who plays Sean has a part in the CBS pilot Bunker Hill, which means he’d have to be written out if the show got picked up, so I’ve been worried for that. My worries were put to rest temporarily after the last scene of tonight’s episode which was just great, to see Fiona so happy is was awesome, since I’m such a fan of her character.

Anyways I cant wait till next week.