The Bachelor (S20E10): “Season Finale: Week 10”

We begin this dramatic season finale with Ben’s parents, who are determined to help their son decide who the perfect girl is for him. 
Lauren and Ben’s parents seem to hit it off. Ben’s mother, however, isn’t positive she will be able to handle all the tough times with Ben through life. It’s an emotional time for a mother. Lauren says that meeting Ben’s parents solidified her readiness to get married. 
JoJo goes into the date very nervous. During a short family conversation, their relationship is brought deeper than we’ve ever seen before. JoJo tears up while talking to his father. Ben’s mother enjoys that they both feel safe together. 
Lauren and Ben have a relaxing, stress-filled date. Lauren worries tremendously that he will pick JoJo. JoJo is in the same boat, upset Ben’s so confused considering he’s already told her he’s in love. They go into the bathroom alone trying to settle these nerves and fears. Ben admits he loves Lauren as well. JoJo is hurt because, to her, this is a once in a lifetime feeling. Her statement, “I’m tired of competing,” is so important to remember. This show has to be brutal to live through, and then re-watch with a million opinions chiming in. 
It’s a bit awkward when Ben sits down to pick the ring because he isn’t sure who he’s going to propose to, but he seems to receive the clarity he prayed for while holding the ring. 
This leads to the most heartbreaking part of the episode – the brutal goodbye. JoJo arrives and gives Ben a beautiful speech about her love for him and her eagerness to spend the rest of her life with him. Throughout its entirety, Ben’s heart looks heavy.  JoJo is immediately crushed as Ben says, “I love you, but I love her more.” JoJo did a wonderful job containing her emotions. The positive side is she’ll be heading around the world with 25 men in the next season of The Bachelorette!
It’s heartwarming to hear Ben ask for Lauren’s hand in marriage over the phone with her father. The proposal was so emotional and sweet. The couple was joyous and excited about getting engaged, gushing multiple times to the other,  “You’re my person.”
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This season has no doubt been heart wrenching, in good and bad ways. In the end, it seems the man who thought he was unlovable has found a deep love in Lauren B. They decided not to get married during the live after show, which I believe was one of the best decisions they’ve made since being engaged. They are ready to have a normal life and they will wait for a more normal wedding in the future. Good luck, Ben and Lauren. We all hope you make it to that day!