The Magicians: (S01E09) “The Writing Room”

A bit slow for having just one long visit to the haunted house to get a button. But what was interesting is how they got this time lapse and a glimpse into the past when the events happened.

Seeing his idol be a pedophile, Quentin despises the writer of his favourite Fullery book. But they weren’t there for that but rather to find the button Penny read about in the latest book of the Fullery series and it was written by Jane.

Coming back from the house Penny being the curious one decides to try out the famous button key disappearing into thin air! 

The other story we have seen playing out is Julia role. Her whole trying to go through rehab but ending up back into business. Going into the mind of a smart but not one that attended the university she got many spells. It’s interesting how it will play out as she made contact with Quentin. 

At some point the story will meet so that is the point that we will see the climax of the story! Not a very entertaining episode per say as it lacks the sparks and the intrigue to make you think what the. Like we knew they would get the button so it was just a time pass to get to the part where they actually do something with the button.