Fresh Off The Boat (S02E16) “Tight Two”

Review: Louis breaks his leg and is stuck with the kids while Jessica fills in for him at the Cattlemen’s Ranch, that just added the new To-Go service. 

Louis is afraid that the kids find him boring and tries to spice up their alone time with some fun activities, however this doesn’t work out the way he wants to.

Jessica also has a hard time, at the restaurant because Louis forbid her to fire any of the employees. She tries to work around it though with the clever invention of To-Go, To-Stay, meaning the staff won’t receive any tips but do have to clean up after the guests. 

Both storylines were fine, but not great, and the episode wasn’t as funny as I’m used to with the show. I did enjoy Nancy a lot this episode and the other staff members of Cattlemen’s Ranch are funny too, and I also liked seeing a big storyline about the restaurant again, but it wasn’t Fresh Off The Boat’s strongest episode. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Sweet moves, Louis!