Lucifer (S01E08): “Et Tu, Doctor?”


“The Doctor is Out”

          Lucifer celebrates his “rebirth-day” and hopes to spend it with his lovely partner, Chloe but guess who she brought… Her ex Dan. Lucifer’s least favorite person. Needless to say it put a damper on the Devil’s parade. Speaking of surprises… Chloe and Dan go to their cop bar to find Malcolm alive and well. Things feel a bit awkward but Malcolm doesn’t seem to hold any grudges or does he? That wink he gave Chloe was ambiguous. To ease the pain of his confused feelings, Lucifer goes to his therapist Linda Martin. Instead of being upset over Lucifer’s last emotional visit, Linda is happy to see her odd patient finally letting down his walls to let in some emotions however Lucifer prefers to keep said walls up and strong. So it was no surprise that Lucifer avoided his own deep seeded problems by projecting and being delusional. Believing that his discomfort about Dan lies in Chloe he asks Dr. Martin to “fix” his partner so he won’t have to deal with Dan. Yet Fate seemed to smile on the Devil when he and Chloe got a case about a murdered therapist. What got Lucifer excited about the case was that the therapist encouraged cheating among couples to help heal their relationship. Lucifer loves a good scandal.



So instead of bringing Chloe to the therapist, Lucifer (using his usual charm) brought his therapist to Chloe to help them investigate the case. Pretty much the whole time Lucifer acted like a child though that’s kind of who he is. A very charismatic demon with an infantile mindset. But to his frustration, Linda spent more time analyzing Lucifer, which is her job. Yet another human woman in Lucifer’s life that won’t give him what he wants. And just as Lucifer is evolving so is his other intimate relationships. Maze seems to like Linda though. That seems rare so that’s an accomplishment for Linda. Chloe is still surprised that Lucifer goes to therapy in the first place. No surprise she still doesn’t believe he’s the Devil. Can Amenadiel wing out in her presence or some demon crash a crime scene or something so we can make a believer out of her already? Then things get strange for Chloe and somehow more treacherous as Malcolm surprises Chloe at her house. Not sure what his real goal is here. He told Chloe the truth (or his version) and warns her to be careful. He seemed genuinely concerned. Still not sure why Amenadiel brought Malcolm back to life. And just when Lucifer thinks he can have a nice time investigating with Chloe, Dan shows up. It was mostly to see if Chloe was okay after her unexpected encounter with Malcolm but Lucifer isn’t in the loop to his chagrin. In a tantrum Lucifer crashes a group therapy session and as expected has all attention focused on him.


“Devil, Heal Thyself”

Not sure if Lucifer’s power lies more in his dark power of drawing out a person’s desires or his natural abrasiveness. Feels more like he irritated Dr. Medina into confessing that he was the killer but then we see a moment where Lucifer makes a connection into his own situation on dealing with jealousy with Medina’s… then suddenly he changes his mind and believes they are nothing alike. Just when we thought Lucifer was making progress right? But then again if Lucifer became an emotionally healthy person he wouldn’t be… well Lucifer. Yet Lucifer still understands that he’s feeling things that he doesn’t understand or at least he wants to avoid labeling them. Meanwhile on Chloe and Dan’s private case, they think Malcolm’s partner was the one who shot him but they find him dead at their cop bar. Apparently it was suicide confessing everything. This seems to bring Dan and Chloe closer. Lucifer and Linda make a break in their relationship as well. Linda realizes that Lucifer is bad for her and that she may develop more romantic feelings for him if they continue with his usual payment. So Linda suggests that they stop sleeping together since he made such an emotional break through. Good call. Lucifer really is walking heroine! But just when we think Dan is a good guy he meets up with Malcolm who killed his own partner but the most shocking part is that Dan may be the dirty cop as he was the one who shot Malcolm. Malcolm seems a bit unstable as he keeps throwing threats around. Now Dan’s being black mailed. Then another relationship is on the rocks as Lucifer realizes that Dr. Canaan is really Amenadiel and figures it was Maze who told his brother about his therapy sessions in order to try and control him. Not cool, Maze. I have a hard time believing that Maze and Lucifer are over. He may not confide in her anymore but I believe she’ll still protect him (at least physically).

        Still wishing the supernatural would play more of a role in the show. Lucifer is the only stand out that holds my interest. Though I understand that this episode was about looking into how Lucifer is changing and it’s affects on him. Over all I give this episode a B-.