Quantico: (S01E13) ‘Clear’

This week’s episode was definitely better than last week’s snore fest. A lot was revealed this time and some stories are finally being cleared up. And more importantly, we lose a member of the team.

I’m someone that’s a sucker for emotional deaths and I love when the show goes out of their way to honour a character. This week we say goodbye to Natalie. Alex broke down afterwards but I was annoyed when she didn’t tell Ryan what happened. Yes, she was in the midst of a breakdown but she could mentioned what happened. He did date the woman for a while and because of this I wanted more emotion.

We also get to see the beginning of the twins relationship start to fall apart now that Rayna is working on a solo investigation. Was this the investigation we saw last year when Alex found them when she was on the run? As I recall, Rayna was staying in a house with terrorist and sleeping with the head of the group. I look forward to see where this storyline leads.

Definitely a stronger episode than last week. The trailer for the next episode looks really promising. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.